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.223 and .308 linked belts

Those of you guys who use the FA toys... do you link your own ammo? Do you reload your .223/.308 cartridges that you use in a belt fed system?

How long does it take you to build a 50rd linked belt? Do you do it by hand, or do you have some sort of tool?

And... what's the longest reasonable size of linked belt to put together? It probably depends on cartridge size, and .223 belts are longer than .308 ones.

Considering buying a belt-fed semiauto upper for my AR just for grins and giggles.

Also, from a CA and other draconian AWB states perspective: is a linked belt considered a magazine? Is there even a "capacity" to a belt fed semiautomatic system? Are ammo belts illegal in CA?

Would an AR lower with a Shrike upper ( be illegal to take to CA, even if you put a "bullet button" in the lower to disable the magazine well of the lower?
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