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You have some more reading to do. Not trying to be smart but. First off. Depending on what type lead you cast from. Some lee molds do not need to be sized. Second depending on the bullet you choose in Lee molds. they my be a Tumble lube. Lee sells a separate die seizer for these. And as said you really should slug the barrel.. true most commercial cast bullets come in a generic size. 9mm .356 or 357 .358. but that dose not mean that is what you should be shooting. The three biggest problems guys run into in casting are. Bullet Dia, which can be caused by the wrong seizer die or the wrong bullet alloy. Second would be wrong Alloy again. Pushing soft lead to fast or hard lead to slow. And third . wrong or bad bullet lube. I do not think you could get enough lube on a tumble lube bullet out of a lube sizer.
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