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trip sticker don`t wait too long because WW are gettin harder to get ahold of these days!!!
I didn't wait to gather lead and lead alloy. I have so much lead laying around now I could never shoot it all. I don't know how much an individual ingot of lead I made out of a muffin tin weighs but I have so many of those that I can't count them all. I have boxes and boxes of WW's now that I have found a tire shop that wasn't doing anything with them. What I am just learning is the casting process, I have the lead gathering process down to a fine art.

I've gone thru a learning curve for my .38/.357 bullets but I am wanting to cast for my 30-30 and my 45/70 GOV't. From what I've read, my 45/70 isn't a good rifle to cast for because it is the micro-groove not traditional land and grove barrel. So far, I own a mold for the .357 and for the .490 round ball. I'll add to this as I learn more.
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