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I've read so much its a blurr now...

And I still havent cranked up my 10#pot.
I have moulds for 220g .45ACP which is fine, that's what I bought with the pot and the Ideal lube sizer. And that works beautifully in my Colt for target shooting.
Now I want to add 9mm for Steel Reactive shooting. My best guess is heavier is better, say 125g bullet. I will stick to the 2 cavity Lee aluminum moulds as that is what was taught me.
And I will need a sizing die and top punch too.
Here's the question: can I rely on the sales people at Midway to pick out a proper set of these or am I going to have to choose a mould? a sizer, and a punch. Confusing, since they are in inches not calibers. .355, .356. or .357.
Oh and since I shoot 38/357 mag also. What chance I can use the same bullet mould?

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