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I agree with ya that the old timers know a lot about bullet casting and such but I was asking because all the reviews I've read concerning the Lyman manual complain about it only covering loads using Lyman molds and only have a select few load data tables for certain powders. I'm the type that tends to read tons before I spend a dollar. I insist on getting the most for my money and I will research for months before investing in anything I want to last a long time.
There's so many different bullet molds that you'll never find specific info for particular bullets. What you have to do is interpolate what you find into a different but similar bullet. What that means is, for instance, a Lyman 200 SWC 45 acp bullet gives a certain powder charge. Use that for a lee 200 SWC, being sure you start at the recommended starting load and work up. As long as the two bullets are close to being the same, you'll be fine.

I do the same thing for the lee 200 RFN, round flat nose. Mainly because my SA 45 1911 doesn't like to feed SWC bullets. The lee works just fine.
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