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Neck and shoulder are generally ineffective shots. Chest shots are only immediately effective if you hit something that causes very rapid blood loss. Ammo is a factor too, especially penetration. Critical organs are not all that superficial for good reason. Shot placement is still key. Look up an anatomy drawing of a dog, find the heart or liver, aim for that next time, and see what happens. With a good shot here, they might stagger around for a bit, but shock will set in soon enough that their ability to put up much of a fight should become pretty ineffective. Honestly, an animal's physiology (including humans) is capable of more rebound than most people realize. We're used to seeing people get shot on tv and fall over dead immediately. There's a reason that someone can be pulled from a mangled car accident and make it to the ER alive - animals are pretty resilient. That's just the difference between reality and tv.

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