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Here in PK just last year 30,000 licenses were issued for full autos. On each AK license people usually keep 4 by stamping the same number and keeping them at different places.

Now that is just for last year. We have been getting licenses for such weapons since 1985, except for small intervals in between where they were banned etc. Nevertheless, if I would imagine that 5000 were issued per year (conservative estimate) we will have 24*5000 = 120000+30000= 150,000 licenses floating our there, but I think my conservative estimate is far below then actual. That said, we take that if 50% of these are AK the Ak number is75000. Furthermore if take (a very conservative est) that 25% Ak holders have at least 2 on same license we add 37500 to the total 150,000 = 187500 auto weapons.

Well when we talk about the black market or illegal weapons, the number is just too hard to figure out. In 'one' of the biggest market Derra Adam Khail there are 3000 sellers. All of them must have AKs local or foriegn. Take that in account and the other such markets around the country. While doing that, dont forget that MOST people who have AKs dont have license for them.

We are a population of 180 million! Can someone take a stab at doing a guestimatic math to put a number up?
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