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wheel weights

trip sticker don`t wait too long because WW are gettin harder to get ahold of these days!!!

alot of the clip on WW have alloys already blended but not a given .

some stik on WW are close to pure lead but not a given.

alot of variables involved with WW , most people get by with bhn 11-14for most shootin but when ya want to wring every fps ya can then ya gotta blend some expensive alloys with your WWs to get there , then when ya get there the very hard cast bullet is useless to hunt with because it`ll fragment upon contact .
it`s a balance of pressure & alloy strength.

i cast mainly for revolvers & have "conditioned" my revolvers for optimum performance with such & can easily match jacketed speeds with out the dreaded smeared barrel using WW & a little tin .

if info on castin is what ya seek go to castboolitgunloads forum & glean info until your files are full !!!
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