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The guns arrived today. The Nagant especially is nicer than I expected, and the trigger pull is not quite as horrendous as everybody says. I need to field strip them and clean all the cosmolene out. Do I need to take the side panel off the Nagant and clean the lock-work?

For some reason the importer engraved the serial number on the barrel of the TCC with an electric pencil right at the ejector port where it's very obvious. It looks real ugly, but it's shallow enough I might can polish it down a little with some 600 grit sandpaper (the same serial number is stamped on the frame and the top of the slide.)

On the Nagant, the importer stamped a new serial number (doesn't look bad) on the side plate. When I record it in my bound book, which number do I use? Seems like it should be the original number stamped on the frame, but the receipt has the new importer's serial number from the side plate, so maybe I should use that.

The ammo shipped separate, so it won't get here for a few days
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