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Headding to Vivian Nov. 1 for the same.

We went the last 2 years to the Gregory area. Plenty of birds. Man had a nice set up. Sadly he was a 3rd generation SD farmer of 73 years old. He passed on this spring and his family, was not into it like he was so it's over as far as I know.

Looked long and hard for another "real" SD farmer who had a place to let us hunt on. Hope we got lucky. He's another old guy but his son is into it with him so it may be a longer term thing.....if we like the place.

I don't have any experence with the big commercial places and large hunting parties but I know lots of folks love them. Plenty of birds taken that way.

And I'll tell you this, hitting a pheasant is nothing like slinging buchshot at a hog in the palmettos. We looked like fools out there the first year. Second time we were better prepaired, shot a good bit of skeet and 5 stand in the month before the hunt.

That helped improve our shooting to just plain awful.........
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