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No CCW in L.A. Ca

Hear in the wonderful city of Los Angeles Ca we can't get a CCW regardless if you are former Delta/special forces with a degree in Law. Regardless of how qualified you are, you're not qualified. Giving CCW's would improve public safety but regardless of the benefits we cannot get CCW's. I am a armed security person with a permit for an exposed firearm which allows me to wear a uniform and carry a firearm. I am a former Marine infantry with a additional 1000 hours plus in firearms and training in executive protection. People are self serving and they do what's in their best interest "those who make the rules keep the gold" The real reason people like myself are not given CCW's is to protect off duty officers income. Years ago in Ca. the State was going to change the security industry and require more training and qualifications for protection officers and the watch men types would remain the same. Two levels of security in the industry would have improved public safety. This bill was shot down by the Police Associations. After all who would want an industry to evolve that they would have to compete with. That's life, People do what's in their best interest even at the cost of public safety.
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