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To me the most versatile shotgun - is the one with the most adjustability to make it fit properly. What I've seen is a parallel comb - with an adjustable comb - is the key / so you can move the point of impact up and down or left and right for cast on the comb.

Beretta has very few parallel comb guns.

Browning has a few - and the most versatile is the Citori XS Skeet, or the Citori XS Special - with the adj comb. I like a gun hunting birds or for sporting clays around 8 1/2 lbs and in an O/U with 30" barrels.

Browning Cynergy lineup - has the sporting - but the comb does not move left or right only up and down / but nothing wrong with it.

The street price in my area is usually about $ 300 under mfg's list price / and you might find some of the XS Skeet models used. Of the 3 guns - the XS Skeet model is by far the most popular / the one I see the most on sporting clays ranges, etc.
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