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“When they (police officers) shoved a gun in my face, I was thinking: ‘These guys are dangerous.’ "

Any LEO that draws purely to assert authority rather than to control a truly dangerous situation needs firing, charges for false arrest under color of law, and to be personally civilly liable for assault with a deadly weapon.

This situation sounds like a peaceful fella out shopping with a handgun on his hip, and a gung-ho cop with an authority complex over-reacting.

ETA: I went hiking with a buddy this weekend and we were talking about police.

Seems we both agree that the only LEO's that still hold to the traditional principles of "protect and serve" are Forest Rangers, Game and Fish officers, and it's hit-and-miss with County Sheriff deputies, probably depending on the training atmosphere with each county. I've had a lot of respect for Coconino and Maricopa deputies that I've met so far. The rest (municipal officers) are so traumatized by the pretense that they work in a supposed war zone, they're ready to mace/taze/shoot anyone that doesn't ask "how high" when they say "jump."
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