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So, you're OC and a cop approaches asking for ID to verify that you are not a convicted would that sit with people?
Not very well. I OC frequently, have no criminal record, and a permit that allows me to do so. Since you have no legal reason to "terry stop" me, then I expect to be left alone.

While I'm all in favor of CC, I've never been a fan of OC.
This explains a lot. ^^

It scares the sheep and they call us all panicked about a guy with a gun at the mall and then we have to respond. We're all tensed up as we're going to the dreaded man with a gun at the mall call so when we arrive we're all jacked up and prepared for the worst (or we should be) so you expect to be confronted with a drawn firearm. We'll straighten things out once the scene is secure.
The scene was "secure" before you arrived and started "confronting me with a drawn firearm"
for no other reason than I happen to be OCing, sounds more like a dog and pony show for the benefit of the "sheep" rather than a tactical assessment of the situation, followed by an appropriate response; (which would be to observe that I am peacefully going about my business, and to educate the "sheep" of that fact, rather than violate my rights)

If no State or local law prohibited it, I wouldn't arrest the guy unless there was some other violation but I would have a talk with him about the wisdom of OC. Potentially more hassel then it's worth.
How courteous and professional of you to only violate my civil rights "just a little" Draw and point your own OC Weapon at me, and then attempt to lecture me on your perception of the proper way to carry.

Technically in FL, it could be considered Disorderly conduct
Only if you attempt to use that lame "catch-all" merely to hassle me, otherwise it does not apply, and is not any more legally sound(by your own post) than the case in the OP. My suggestion? Read this, and the other recent cases concerning OC, and how harassing law abiding citizens is being dealt with in the courts, you might want to re-think how you approach the issue...could save your city a lawsuit.

ETA: I also have a question; In your profession you OC all the time, why ? As a LEO, what advantage does OC offer you that carrying concealed would not? Please elaborate, and then explain why I should not be afforded the same advantage.

And question #2: Now that you have posted, on a public forum, that you have no problem with violating the law, and even your procedure, and intended justification for doing so, how will you defend your actions in court when someone files a lawsuit?
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