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The "quote a post" feature it hasn't been provided on TFL for years. I never remember it working here. You are mistaken in saying that "I can't "quote" a message anymore." because that feature certainly hasn't been active since you joined.

You can quote, you just can't automatically quote an entire post with the push of a single button. If you go to forums that provide that feature you will see that it is typically badly overused.

To quote, copy the material to be quoted into your post then highlight it and click the button on the editor toolbar.

If you want to get fancy with your quoting you can read this thread in the Suggestions, Questions and Tech Support subforum of TFL. Which, by the way is where this question should have been posted and where I will move it now.
So our firearms forum has tried to curtail free speech?

I would love to have a beer with the genius that came up with that idea.
The idea that not providing a single-button-press way to quote an entire post is a way to "curtail free speech" is completely without logical merit and is essentially nonsensical.

It doesn't restrict in any way what you are allowed to say on the forum, it only means you have to take an extra step or two to accomplish a particular function. Your comment is equivalent to saying a building without automatic doors is trying to curtail your right to enter because you have to actually open the doors manually.

Furthermore the person who owns and funds this forum has a right to configure it in any way he sees fit and also to restrict what is posted in any way he wishes. That doesn't restrict anyone's right to free speech anymore than my telling you that you can't choose the carpet color in my house restricts your right to the pursuit of happiness.

Those who feel that the rules and the functionality of the site leave something to be desired can make suggestions in the Suggestions, Questions and Tech Support forum, or they can move on to another forum that suits them better or they can pay to set up their own forum.
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