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If you're sitting on the fence....

So anyone considering to come. Just pre-register so I know who is coming and I can send you updates.

The rule for no same day shooters is because I simply do not have the time to go over the intent of the shoot while getting all the stuff ready for the shooters I have registered. Also for the shooters to be prepared to have enough ammo and right gear, right mind set, just so they know ahead of time.

There is no cost to register - when registered I have your name, email, contact and brief history so I know you have a basic understanding of gun handling. This does not mean I expect you to know what a cold range is and how to "act" with a holstered gun. We'll take care of all the basics.

This is not a competition. For anyone that has been.....

If you are shooting at a regular range and if you are getting bored - this is the shoot you want to try out.
If you are looking into IDPA or USPSA - the action shooting side ... this is the shoot you want to try out.
If you carry and just need practice with your conceal or open carry gear... this is the shoot you want.
If you just want to have fun shooting again... this is the shoot you want.
If you just want to meet like minded folks (gun people)... this is the shoot.

It's all self paced with lots of help if you need it. We try to focus on safety and having a great time. Come join us!


[email protected]

PS I just recieved a nice donation from Dev owner of Dino's Greek and Italian Restaurant which I'll be giving away at the end of the shoot.

17642 1st Ave S
Burien, WA 98148-1729
(206) 246-1332

They offer 15% off for members
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