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Irritated with TFL

Anyone else had problems recently with posting? I tried to post some ammo for sale that I got in a trade and got it deleted - thought I omitted the location. Then I noticed my post count was only 11 - used to be many more - and can not get any help or explanation - Mr. Tuttle simply says read the rules and you will see what you need to do to qualify (which I had done years ago). I have not the greatest memory but have enjoyed posting on and reading the firing line for years (member since 05) and do believe this is a great place to promote firearm ownership and responsible gunning in general. I guess I am a little angry for being treated this way and need to know if this is the norm lately - it never used to be or am I way out in left field here - jb

PS - I guess I can post again at least in this forum. And I will probably get banned for this one...
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