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I agree with oneounceload in asking what your intentions are for this weapon? Along with the reasons he listed, another huge factor is cost. Most field grade O/U are significantly cheaper versus a "competition grade" O/U.

Also, your price range is pretty broad there. So it gives you plenty of flexibility. I've been shooting trap and skeet for many years. And I've used auto's and pumps until this year. I went bargain shopper and bought a Stoeger Comp. for my first O/U. I know.... I know... O/U imperialist's its/their junk. My dad is one of you guys. hehe But I've always wanted an O/U so I went with it after reading what seems to be satisfied customers of them. I however don't expect to be shooting it in 5 years either. But thus far a couple thousand rounds later, everything works fine. Or has gotten better with the so called break in time stiffness wise.

However, as I said you have a pretty good allowance goin on there. And I would not recommend a Stoeger to you. Although, I do swear by the gun and its cost. My next O/U will be a Browning Citori, the model will depend upon what type of deal I'm able to find. I'm also going to go the "used" route. But since I'm more into the sporting aspect of firearms, it will most certainly be a "competition grade".

The average price range for a good condition Citori around me has been the $1200 range. So thats where I stand, just from a personal perspective.

The Beretta's are nice, and have nothing bad to say about them. My dad and uncle are both just partial to the Brownings, which has steered me in that direction just from shooting several rounds with their's.

The SKB's both my dad and uncle (again) both have owned them, and had firing pin issues with each one of them. They both feel they are good O/U, but claim they won't own one again after that. This was a few years ago, and most often than not, the manufacturer will let the consumer work out the glitches and correct it from there on post issues.

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