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I recommend you go to a shotgun club and rent/borrow as many different types as you can to find which models fit you the best. What fits me may or may not fit you. Typically, if a Beretta fits, the Browning won't - nothing bad, just different. In your price range, especially if you include used, would be Beretta 68x series, Brownings, and SKB.

Are you wanting this for primarily hunting or targets? Target guns tend to be heavier and a little more robustly built to handle the thousands and thousands of targets shot annually, while most hunting guns are a little lighter for ease of carrying all day long.

Weight becomes a factor when considering recoil - heavy gun plus light loads equals light recoil. You also need to consider what length barrels will work for you. Personally, I prefer 30 or 32 inch barrels on target guns. Barrel length is a major factor for swinging the gun - the longer they are the smoother the swing tends to be.

The only true way to test for fit, recoil and smooth swinging is to try them
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