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[patented February 7,1893 July 25,1893 October 3,1899 how or why would it have the last patent date if it is a 1895 ]


Savage 1899 serial number 42,xxx is a 1904 production rifle.

In 1893, Arthur Savage patented his lever-action rifle, and later that year organized the Savage Arms Co in Utica, NY.

The new gun was named the Model 1895 for the year production first started.

AFAIK, the only chamberings advertized were .30-30 and .303 Savage, but only .303's were produced - until 1899, when the rifle was improved, and renamed as the Model 1899.

Savage introduced the .38-55 into the Model 1899 lineup in 1902, so although it's not outside the realm of possibility that some earlier Model 1895's got rebarreled with a later barrel, your rifle's serial number indicates it's a Model 1899 made while the .38-55 was a standard offering.


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