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We drug the pig back to the truck.
I said, "John, what happened to you?"
John looked down at the floorboard and mumbled "I went back to the truck."
That was it, pretty pathetic. John didn't apologize. Pathetic.

We never talked about it after that. John and I were Paramedics in that small town. If I had told any Paramedic about it, it would have gotten all over town.
The Paramedics would have never let John live it down, including some who were even more gutless than John. I mean, guys who didn't have the guts to go hog hunting in the first place would have made fun of John. Those guys hadn't earned the right to do that.
Also, he would have gotten a bad nickname.
So Bud and I would get a laugh talking about it...

"John, get to work with that Marlin!!



For years, Bud and I would say that back and forth to each other, like the script to a movie, and get a belly laugh.
It was pretty funny in hindsight, since nobody got mauled by that pig.
But Bud and I never told another person about it.

As for John, I still worked with him, I still went to parties with the guy, and went deer hunting with him many times after that. But never again hog hunting.
John was a good guy, he was just a coward.

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