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The only question I have is if you are open carrying, can an LEO check to make sure you are not a convicted felon? I know that may sound stupid, but if the cops are now scared to approach someone who is OC for fear of a law suit, whats to stop a guy with a felony conviction from trying it? I know it sounds stupid, but after 19 years in this business, not much surprises me and I can see it happening

So, you're OC and a cop approaches asking for ID to verify that you are not a convicted would that sit with people? While I'm all in favor of CC, I've never been a fan of OC. It scares the sheep and they call us all panicked about a guy with a gun at the mall and then we have to respond. We're all tensed up as we're going to the dreaded man with a gun at the mall call so when we arrive we're all jacked up and prepared for the worst (or we should be) so you expect to be confronted with a drawn firearm. We'll straighten things out once the scene is secure.

If no State or local law prohibited it, I wouldn't arrest the guy unless there was some other violation but I would have a talk with him about the wisdom of OC. Potentially more hassel then it's worth. Technically in FL, it could be considered Disorderly conduct if the carrying of the weapon caused a panic or a stampede but generally, you have to have independent victims who will come forward. The State (the cops) can't be a victim in a DOC case. All in all, legal or not, a bad idea in our current society.

All that aside, the chief sounds like an idiot.
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