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I feel better when all of us on a hog doggin run have a dog in the race... But I have seen and hunted ONE TIME with a guy who was hollerin on the Motorola... "GET TO ME DOGS THE HOG WILL KILL "EM!!!" All while drivin around in his duramax... I got on the radio and told him "Git outta the truck, fat boy, and take the shortcut like we do..."
When I take a guy for his first doggin' as a guest, me and junior tell it like is and offer to let them decide how much participation they are willing to take on. If a guy wants to offer no more than watching, we are fine with that.
Basically we have 3 levels of participation that may change how many experienced folks we want along.
You can just watch so a 3rd hand is great. You can offer to help pull off dogs and will explain in advance how to do so. You are also invited to git in their and grab the stinky end of the hog. If you opt to handle the hog, me or junior will be right behind you offering advise and watching your back ready to get in there with you if you can't figure it out or if you back out. When it comes to a guest on their first live hog capture, we cannot expect every guy to get thru it... It is such a rush and many are just not able to fathom the details when we tell them... Heck, one guy got such a rush he let go of the hog to turn and throw up:barf:... When we got the hog tied and did our high fives, he said nothing in his life including military combat gave him that same adrenaline rush
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