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This is one of those subjects, the proper care of game, that ends up telling you a lot about a hunter.

Sure it's a bit more work to do it right. And I'll say too that many folks don't have access to truly good facilities for doing the work, so it can be even harder for them. But fact is that if a hunter puts even a small amount of planning into how he will take care of his game, as part of his overall hunting plans, then it's a lot easier.

We are very fortunate to live in a place with a lot of opportunity to hunt. We're also favored by a long season and a couple of hunting companions that have a fair idea of what they are doing in the woods. With that we manage to harvest a number of animals every season.

One of the real joys of hunting is, IMHO, the sharing of the success of the hunt. We've always got folks just waiting for the season to start, folks who don't hunt but who have over the years come to expect at least a meal or two of something special.

Seems to me that the satisfaction of sharing the meat with them is as good as showing off a rack. That in and of itself is enough reason to take good care of what you shoot..........

Hunting is about the totality of the experence, not just the pulling of the trigger. And cleaning and sharing and enjoying the meat should be a satisfying part of it.
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