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It's good advice, but I haven't had to cover the taste of game meat in many years. Javalina aside, game meat is far preferable to me than beef.

For me, cooking game meat requires different methods, but I've gotten pretty good at it over the years.

Soaking in milk, using onions, and seasoning with black pepper and Lawry's seasoned salt/garlic salt before cooking will all enhance the flavor of game meats, and can help cover mistakes made in the field. Using bacon to add moisture, inserting pieces of garlic into slits made into a roast, and many other ideas will enhance the flavor as well.

All that said, it oft-times stuns me to see a torn up, uncared for animal that someone shot, seemingly with no thought or concern for processing the meat. I'll admit that some just don't know how to properly care for the proceeds from their hunt, but any of us can learn, and most who really know should be willing to teach those who are willing to learn.

I take a lot of care when hunting to insure that the meat I get is good; right down to the bullet used, and where it's put is intended towards that goal.

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