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Elmer Keith and Skeeter Shelton Two of the pioneers of the modern cast bullets. Pushed a bullet of about wheel weight hardness pretty fast. I think slugging the barrel and the right lube have as much to do with good Bullets .As actual hardness. Having said that. Most loads for Rifle in my Lyman cast book recommend Lyno-type. I cast my first bullet in 1975. And one thing I have learned over the years. The variables in casting can mess a good Bullet or gun up fast. Mix of lead, Dia, of Bullet ,speed of Bullet as well as lube used.
That Lyman cast book you mentioned, does it have just load data in it or is there also plain reading to learn about alloy mixes and speeds and such? I'm still new to casting and I've been reading everything I can get my hands on. What info can I find in that Lyman book that I need?
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