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All this information holds true for predatory animals, such as Bobcats, as well. I shot one with a .308 and literally blew out both front shoulders. Twenty minutes later I walked within 20' of the non-moving animal covered with blood. I felt a little uneasy about getting any closer before being sure, so I picked up a 2" diameter Pecan tree limb about 3' long and tossed it onto the animals body. The Tasmanian Devil comes to mind here....this supposedly dead Bobcat, literally with it's rear claws and mouth, chewed all the bark off the limb, and the rest looked liked it had been run over by a tractor/shredder. I put a round from my 41mag through what was left of the chest and that took care of the animal.
I have been a hunter for over 40 years and was always taught not to walk up on a wounded/dead animal without first verifying it had expired. The Bobcat really drove that home for me. I have hunted hogs, that even with a clean "kill" shot and after over an hour of time, was still a viable threat to the hunter. Ever been chased up a tree by a "kill shot" Russian Boar.....I have!! He died at the base of that tree!!!

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