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Due to many work assignments 1976 - present, I've hunted deer all across USA. This older Remington carbine has been a keeper for me. It's a .308 and I love it! But at typical woods distances, .308 can be a meat shredder. FEDERAL Lite features a 170 grain flat nose to 30-30 velocity and is a better ammo choice for fairly close shots. For long shots go with 150 grain spitzer bullets. 180 grain or hand loaded 200 grain is TOPS for elk and moose!

The 7mm-08 shoots a tad flatter with slightly less recoil.

6.5mm X 55 Swede is sort of like the more modern 260 Remington but better ammo choices.

I prefer 20 inch barrel length and would not buy a rifle with longer barrel. Unfortunately, very few makers build carbines but a decent smith can do the job for a reasonable price.

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