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Agree with hogdogs, the traps dont really catch nothin but your smaller pigs. I have caught 200-250 in the traps but just a few. I like to hunt the bigger ones at night in a feild that is well baited, I sit about 100 yrds away from the bait (usally soured corn) just wait and listen, you can always hear them when they get there i have taken many big boars and sows using this method. I only use one baited area to try and concentrait them. Another cheap way i read in a magazine was to take a 5 gallon bucket with top, a peice of rebar or all thread and a 4 or 5 foot chain. Drill 20 or so half inch holes in the bucket fill it with corn drive the peice of rebar in the grond and attach the chain to it and the bucket. Never tried it but the guy said it works.

During deer season try to find where the hogs are generally bedding. place a stand near it and hunt it, when you hear the hogs get up in the morning go and try to cut them off. This method has been one of my most sucessfull next to shooting them at night. Wich You cant do durring deer season unless you have a permit.

Ive never put dogs out on the hogs cause i like to think of myself as the dog when it comes to hog hunting, but it is a very effective way of taking the mature pigs outa the pack.
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