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Having trapped quite a bit, no trap is going to get very many of the big breeder hogs as they are quite smart. You may get a few but those not trapped will learn as soon as they see one in a trap. You will capture many of the "eater size" from 30-75 pounds with many near a hundred pounds. That trap is fine for the little ones but to small of a door for the big ones.
These are not as mobile but cheaper to build. Will catch multiples if you bait the ground right.
More caution must be used in handling the hogs as they can lunge at you.
Here is one of my old box traps, it was 4-5 feet high, 4 feet wide and 8 feet long... making a trap with old bedframe metal and mesh will cost much less.

I will freely expound with what I know if you ask more direct questions...
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