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Has anyone here used Gunzilla? Currently that's the CLP I use and it's got the same hype as WS only on another forum. I'm wondering if someone's used both so I can get a clue of which CLP is better. In the end I'll do my own testing, but if there's overwhelming proof that WS is better than I won't have to bother with the free sample and just order a 16oz bottle.
Hey, that's probably MY hype you are talking about!

I use both Weapon Sheld and Gunzilla and have for a few years now.

Mostly I use Weapon Shield because it rocks for lube and protect and it pretty decent at the clean part.

But for some applications I've found that Gunzilla can be pretty amazing, especially for cleaning smoothbore barrels.

The other trick I've found is that Gunzilla seems to do something about removing surface patina rust. I have a seriously rust-promoting body chemistry so when surface patina rust shows up I wipe guns and tools down with Gunzilla until the patches aren't "rusty" any more and then coat with WeaponShield for protection and I can go for a long time before any corrosion starts to show up again.
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