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Good luck on the hunt Always great to experaince a first big game hunt. I've been hunting for 7 years this year, but I still remember the first year.

I live in Montana in the HEART of hunting heaven

Got a Deer A (Either sex) tag. I'm going to be really hitting a few places that are walkin only, and maybe spending a weekend in the Missouri Breaks looking for a nice muley. At the very least I'lll just drive down a few mornings.

I drew a buck antelope tag, but that don't look promising, as there don't seem to be anything nice around.

Then I got a mule deer doe tag, and will be purchasing a whitetail doe tag in a couple of days. My uncles have terrible deer problems, so I'll be making some Jerky.

I'm also buying a turkey tag in case I run across one in the breaks, and I'm buying a Montana Wolf Tag for the novelty of owning a first-year tag

Not a real bird hunter, but our ranch is loaded with pheasents, so probably go out for them.

I guess my thing is, fall is the best time of year. Cool, crisp, just an awesome time to be outdoors. Especially in the Missouri Breaks. Plus it's fun to drive by the game preserve and drool over the elk standing just inside the limits.

Current gun is a Winchester, 7MM Rem mag, loaded with 120 grain TSX bullets. Shot a group yesterday at 95 yards and got 1 1/4"

Might pack my last years primary, a Winchester .264 Mag loaded with 120 grain TSX's. But the 7MM has a edge on velocity, so I'll probably use it.

I am going to use my Mosin-Nagant M38 with softpoints to gather a doe. I've been using oddballs, less-used guns to get them the past few years

Savage 99 lever action in .300 savage. Hunting a few river bends, and won't have an opportunity for a long shot, so I can use this old gun effectively.

Stoeger 12 gauge SXS for pheasant hunting.

AND finally....everywhere I go I'll be packing my S&W .41 mag revolver. Harvested 3 does and a buck with it so far, handgun hunting is a HUGE blast. Buck wasn't great, a 3X4 with about 20 inches, but he's still my first handgun buck.
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