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venison is either delicious or tastes like crap. the difference is how you care for it immediatly after it is killed.

don't do like the "hunting shows" where they kill the animal, stand around for hours and take pictures and then drag it to the truck like a bag of garbage and then take some more pictures. thats lesson number one.

if you want good meat take a few pics and then get down to the hard work they never show on tv. start gutting the animal. get a couple of good tools, a good skinning knife maybe a knife with a gut hook. don't take it for granted you are born with the proper skills to gut and skin an animal. do a little reading learn about intestines, bowels, kidneys and anus. the better you are at gutting the animal the better the meat will be. lesson two.

skin the animal asap. the cooler the meat the better the taste. get the animal in a cooler asap, remember heat is the enemy. lesson three.

i remember 1 hunting camp, opening day i saw 3 deer come into camp. a couple of good old boys got 2 of them. they gutted them and hung them in a tree stood around the camp fire drinking and admiring their trophys. it might have gotten done to 65 degrees that night. the other deer was shot by a young guy and girl. they gutted it where it was shot. as soon as they got the deer to camp they skinned it. they had a saw and some knives and quartered the deer, deboned some of it, placed the meat in big plastic bags and put in big ice chests topped with ice of course. guess who really enjoyed their meat and who complained it was gamey or the deer must have had a poor diet?

deer is good eating if you know how to take care of it and do it quickly.
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