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I would DEFINATELY try shooting them first before remelting all 500. I have a Lyman mold that I need to send back because it drops between .3565 and .3575. I thought for sure this would shoot horribly in my Smith. Well, I was surprised. It did not shoot half bad at all. But, it was not a TL style bullet. I would try shooting some and check accuaracy and how much leading you have. If you barrel is leaded beyond your acceptable limits or accuracy is suffering, I would try putting a second light coating of LLA on another batch and load them up and try again and see if the results are the same. Lee claims that their LLA works on all style (TL and lube-groove) bullets. Don't be so worried about it....chances are they will be really accurate with limited amounts, if any leading. THe idea of shooting lead bullets .001" over groove diameter is not an absolute must, but more of a starting point. Good luck and let us know how they shoot!

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