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Sure wish I had waited to read these replies before I went and sized all 500 of them

I found my mistake and I feel pretty stupid about it but I'll fess up so maybe someone else won't make the same mistake I made. When I put the micrometer on my cast bullets, they were almost all at .360. I drove a lead ball thru my barrel and it micro'd at .358. I assumed I needed to resize to .358

I loaded one bullet into a case and tried to chamber it and it was too tight. The case wouldn't drop all the way into the cylinder. My mistake was in only trying one instead of several. Based on the barrel diameter, the bullet diameter and the tightness of one bullet, I chose to resize them all. What I saw this morning made me ill. I was pulling the seated bullet out of the case and I saw that the brass case had a bulge in it about 2/3 of the way down the case. It was this bulge that made it feel tight and not the bullet. I think I sized all 500 for nothing

Lessons learned the hard way I guess. I'll still try to load a couple dozen of the sized bullets and see how they shoot, but if I am not happy with the amount of leading or accuracy I'll probably remelt them and recast them.
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