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I found a cpl really good products for field dressed/butchered game. One is the Reynolds Handi-Vac with quart/gallon sized bags (bad thing is it needs 6 AA batteries). The other is the ZipLock hand pump (looks like a small bike tire pump) and is hand powdered, although it is very easy and not difficult to do. Both work well. The Zip-Lock pump will work on the Reynolds bags but the Handi vac will only work with Reynolds bags.

Using this has truly saved the flavor and tenderness of the meats/game for me and especially good if I am going for a tri-fecta of deer, bird and fish in the same trip.

The Initial Reynolds Kit at $9.00 with the handi-vac (comes with first round of batteries), 3 of each bag Quart and gallon and a $5 coupon for more bags. 12 bags of quart sized is like $3.50 and 7 Gallon sized is about the same.

The initial Ziplock kit at $4.00 comes with the hand pump and 3 quart bags. 10 quart sized bags will cost about $2.53.

There are a cpl more different models out there, but their price and cost of extra bags or rolls of bags is just too high.
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