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Sizing tumble lubed bullets

Couldn't find this addressed anywhere so I have a question.

First, I slugged my .357 mag and the actual diameter is .358
I have a .358 Lee sizing die
I cast about 500 bullets out of my Lee two cavity .358 tumble lube mold and most all of them came out .360
When fresh out of the mold, the ridges are all nice and sharp. I tumble lubed them IAW the directions and let them dry.

Now the question.........after sizing, all the ridges are smeared down to barely a ridge at all. Is this normal? The sized diameter is right on at .358 but there are hardly any ridges left. Should I be concerned about this? I seated a few in a case and they chamber perfect now I'm just worried that without much of a ridge, they won't hold much ALOX lube when I re-lube them.
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