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I'm not a seasoned deer hunter... yet =) but here is my take.

Get a good shot on the deer, through and through the ribs...minimal meat damage

wait the 1/2 hour or so after the shot so you don't start 'leap frogging' it and have its meat taste bad from all the adrenaline dumping into it.

gut asap and make sure to get no urine/feces on the meat and if you do rinse it out/wipe it out asap

then i drag it back to the truck, i hunt about 2 hrs from where i live, so i keep a tarp and a cooler full of ice. i put the deer on the tarp and fully surround it w/ ice, kinda like a body bag setup, b/c its going in the back of a jeep cherokee. THough this year i'm going to buy a hitch basket carrier. this will allow me to not pull out my bad, since i dont have to lift the deer as high, as well as i'm not fighting the heater in the truck, deer is outside in cold weather.

when i get it home i immediately hang it up and skin it, then i remove loins/tender loins, legs, and neck. And trim out the rib meat/brisket ect i put that all in a large cooler that is 1/2 ice 1/2 water... this allows the meat to get colder faster IMO compared to just ice. maybe even a little salt but not really needed, to help the ice melt faster. i keep the meat in this for a few hours to get the temp dropped down asap. then i drain the water, top off w/ ice and keep the cooler tilted and the drain open so the meat doesn't get water logged. Then i pass out b/c i'm whipped!

the next day i will take the meat out and remove all bone, blood shot meat, silver skin and fat. then i wrap it in plastic wrap and then it goes in zip lock bags into the freezer.

I am a firm believer with minimizing contamination of the meat, cooling it as fast as possible, and i dont really believe in aging. THe deer i've taken with this method taste excellent. You would not eat the meat and instantly think 'deer meat' you'd have to think about it for awhile thats how delicate and mild the flavor is.
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