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I do not have a walk in cooler nor reliable cold weather
I remember back when I was hunting, the weather was a big determining factor on if I went out or not. If I knew it was going to be warm for a few days I would just opt out. It was not until I think I was about 20 a friend of my fathers gave me one of the silliest ideas ever. And by silly, I mean why did I not think of that silly lol.

Basically I did all my hanging in the barn/garage. The warm weather solution was to buy a decent beater window a/c unit, tarp/plastic/blanket the area around and above the hanging deer. I set the ac unit on some crates, tucked the plastic around it and basically made my own cold room. The first instance it was done it was about 70-75 that fall week and we got that cold room down to averaging 40-45 degrees once the meat cooled.

I think it was maybe a few years later I was given a bigger unit around 20k btu..I never measured the temp but it was near freezing lol.

That was about 10 ish years ago, I think with todays cheaper high tech modern window units you could really regulate the temps to almost any preference.

I know it seems sort of ghetto but it worked out well in the unseasonably warm weather hunting seasons.
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