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When I cut and pasted I lost my email on the post.

I'm not aware of any "practice sessions" you can attend for $25 ($5 for members) anywhere in the US. But I will say I haven't looked that hard lately. Just keep in mind I'm not doing this to make money. Actually, I don't make any money - the fee goes to the club. All the other safety officers are volunteers too. No one get's "paid" nor is this in conjunction with a training school. This is for "average joes" to be able to shoot in ways most ranges will not allow simply due to the cost and liability. Since we have qualified volunteer staff and a club that is willing to allow me to conduct these types of shoots I figured it would be a win - win for everyone. I usually have anywhere from 30-45 shooters at each event. I try to limit the size so the safety officers/shooter ratio is safe.

I'm fortunate in many ways (life and work) and I like to share my enjoyment of my primary hobby of shooting.


I have sent you an email too.
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