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We've used various Red Dot sights for about 15 years. Have 6 of them on everything from a single shot .243 to a O/U 45/70 and a couple of rifled 20 ga.

Just last week I shifted a more traditional Red Dot set up on my old .35 Rem to the same basic Scout set up you are contemplating. I don't have a picture ready but what I used is the H-1 Micro

set just in front of the reciever. Points VERY naturally.

For close in hunting such as we do in our thick woods and swamps here in NE FL they are just the ticket. As we never set up on large fields ( In fact in the last 10 years or so we've taken only a couple of animals over 40 yards, the vast majority under 25. ) I can't give a good opinion of how they would perform at 200 yards. You would for sure have some issues getting the fine tuning of sighting in done as the 4 min dot would cover 8 inches at 200 yards.

Of course my responce to seing a hog at 200 yards would be to get down wind and go to him. But then we're Bar-B-Q hunting and not doing the hard work of controling hogs doing damage to crops. In that situation you may want, and need, to do a lot of long range shooting. If that's the case then something with magnification might be better............
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