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Shooting on the move practice events near Seattle, WA

For those interested in shooting on the move, using one's holster and just having fun near the Seattle area (Renton, WA).

I am a NRA Certified Instructor and NRA Range Safety Officer that conduct practice shoots for Concealed Pistol License holders or those that are interested in the competition sections of pistol shooting. IDPA (International Defensive Pistol Assocation) or USPSA (United States Practical Shooting Association or aka IPSC).

I hold practice events at Renton Fish and Game Club (RFGC) in the Renton Highlands.

These events are offered as a "bridge" to those that are newer to shooting to those more experienced but have not explored shooting on the move. I called these shoots "Shooting Like the Good Old Days" since I remember going as a youngster to a dirt pit and blasting away with my brother. Although you can still go out to those far far places I find the drive to daunting and far. What I have set up here at Renton Fish and Game Club, which is about 30 minutes East from Seattle, is to use the "Action Bays" to teach and develop beginning to advanced pistol shooting techniques and to further the action sports of pistol shooting.

The events are centered around a core group of Safety Officers (SO) that volunteer their time and expertise. Randy and Christian have been with me since the beginning. I have now incorporated IDPA and USPSA SO's and their expertise in shooting the competition aspects. Again, these events are for practice, low stress and high fun factor. No prizes or awards but simple bragging rights and good memories.

I only hold a few of these every few month but I am working on getting them more frequently.

The first step to getting further information is to contact me so I can add you to my email list.

Please send me your email, full name, contact number and a brief history of your shooting experience (what classes or what you shot or how much you have been shooting).

I recommend having at least 300 rounds (6 boxes) of ammo if not more. Yes, start stocking up when you can. Plan on shooting it all as the shoots goes pretty quickly. You control how much and how fast you shoot so ultimately it all depends on you.

A good holster is needed, please keep in mind cross draw, shoulder holsters or small of back are not allowed. We stress safety first so the muzzle control becomes the issue regarding these holsters. Muzzle needs to be pointed down or relatively down.

Safety First
Please know that above all else safety is key. We do stress safety first and then fun a close second. Muzzle control, Finger on Trigger and treating all guns as though it was loaded. The range is a COLD Range: which means that all holstered firearms will have the magazine removed and go through a clearing safety check to ensure the chamber is empty. So, no magazine or loaded guns unless you are shooting.

Shooting on the move
For those that have been shooting at a regular range, shooting on the move is exponentially more fun and difficult. Learning to shoot on the move is like relearning how to shoot all over again. Do know we take babysteps to develop these skills so you'll be in very good hands.

Membership and Cost
RFGC is open to the public but I do offer discounts for members.
I typically charge $25 for non members and $5 for members.
To just shoot at RFGC is $10 for the rifle and pistol section for non members (free for members).
I typically hold these events from 10am - 2pm.


Young Kim, NRA Certified Instructor (pistol)
NRA Range Safety Officer
NRA Life Member
RFGC Member
IDPA Member

Please do not PM. Send email since I can't check this site when at work.

NRA Safety Rules

Watch the video as it gives an overview of firearm safety.

Selecting a pistol for woman ... women.html

What I focus on are the three fundamentals of GRIP, SIGHT PICTURE and TRIGGER CONTROL

GRIP ... th-2.shtml


TRIGGER CONTROL ... rigger.htm

Todd Jarrett - video ... 11&index=7
Army Pro Tip - video ... 11&index=6

Todd Jarrett - video ... 11&index=8Young Kim, NRA Certified Instructor (pistol)
NRA Life Member, NRA Range Safety Officer
RFGC and IDPA Member

"Shoot Safely, Shoot Often and Share Your Sport"
Jim Scoutten, Shooting USA
"Shoot Safetly, Shoot Often and Share Your Sport." Jim Scoutten, Shooting USA

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