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I've posted this on here on TFL and on other forums. There's a lot of hype, paranoia and just plain myth involved with lead poisoning.

Metallic lead cannot be absorbed through the skin! At least not unbroken skin. If you have a cut or sore, best not be touching anything lead. Lead salts are much more readily absorbed. Lead styphonate is present in the primers we use. That's what is responsible for most of the lead we see in blood tests. Shooting at ANY indoor range will expose you to lead styphonate. Tumbling fired cases also removes it from inside the cases and primer residue if you deprime first.

There's little or no fumes associated with casting molten lead. Casting temps are BELOW the temperature needed to produce lead vapors. Vapors are generated in quantity at and above 1200 degrees F. Electric furnaces we use for casting cannot go much above 900 degrees F. If you're using a gas fired pot, THEN you could easily get over 1200, but you bullets would be heavily frosted. The smoke you see when fluxing is just that SMOKE not lead fumes!

I cast a lot of bullets, INSIDE without ventilation. I shoot mostly outside, but do belong to an indoor range that is seriously in need of better ventilation. That said, my last blood test was 7.0! Since I do everything wrong, why isn't mine higher? Because I'm religious about cleanliness. If I even enter the reloading man cave, I wash my hands with a good strong soap before I eat or do anything. I resist the urge to scratch my eyes, or any part of my face while loading. I wear a dust mask when I'm loading or unloading my tumbler!

The EPA has grabbed onto lead as a way to circumvent us shooters. Californicate has already banned lead wheelweights. And made it mandatory to use non toxic bullets for hunting in most parts of the state. Just to protect a carrion eating buzzard! Ya know what? The substitute for lead core bullets is solid copper bullets, hmmm copper is toxic also!
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