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What Shot Size for Coyote?

I've got coyotes coming up close to the house at night and howling up in the woods maybe 75 yards away from the front porch. What do you guys that hunt a lot of coyotes use for shotgun shells. I was thinking some #2s out to about 50 yards would thump em pretty hard. I've tried ambushing them during the day with electronic callers and a 223 but no success. I have a TacStar light mounted on a 12 gauge auto and thought I might be able to slip out the door and get a fast shot off when they come around. Last night I had one get so close I thought he was gonna jump in my pocket. Those howls will make the hair on your neck stand up. I have a few chickens and sometimes my dogs leave food in their bowls and I think this attracts them. They chewed up an old stray dog I took in pretty good and they just seem to get bolder and bolder. What do you Coyote hunters recommend?
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