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This thread is a friggin GEM and should be in a "Must Read" section!

I love it!

None of you are going to believe my first ever deer with a Bow nor the distance I shot it, not how friggin big it was!

I shot me a Fork & Horn Mule Deer in Utah (where I lived) from about 6 and a half feet away when I was 17, with a Bear Kodiak #55 recurve, and a Cedar shaft. That was the largest deer I ever saw in my life at the seconds I pulled back and released...

My friggin arrow knocked it over! I wore it like a Fox Stole as I walked back to my truck where my buddy was waiting for me. HE hollered at me when he say me come out of the woods, and said "I didn't hear you shoot, did you see anything or get anything?" (remember this was Bow season...) I shouted at him that I got me a spike! He said "sure you did, come on let's go further up the mountain."
As I got closer, maybe 100 feet away, he finally saw it.... I carried it all the way un-gutted over my shoulders...

Once it was gutted and hung in the tree, I doubt there was more than 80 lbs to the entire animal.... But it was my first with a bow and I was awful proud, and When I pulled back I could have sworn it was 50 feet away and 200 lbs rather than 6 feet away and under #80! What a hoot!
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