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It’s all about where you live. Up here in Maine we usually judge a big buck by its weight and the rack comes second. We have a thing called the Biggest bucks of Maine club, where you get this red patch the shape of Maine with “The Biggest Bucks of Maine Club", written on it. To get this patch you have to shoot a buck that has a dressed weight of 200lbs or more. That is no guts, heart or liver in the buck when weighed. It has to be weighed at a certified tagging station with witnesses present. I have two of these patches so far with a 201# and a 213# buck. My Dad has two of these patches with a 235# buck and a 260# buck. My Grandfather has two of these patches with a 205# buck and a 226# buck, and my best friend has one of these patches with a 259# buck. So, they are out there. For some reason we alway underestimate the weight of our deer before we weigh them.

I also bass fish but I always have a scale and it is dead on with a certified 5#postal weight. I hate when someone says that they caught a such and such pound bass and you asked if they weighed them and they say no. I usually deduct a couple of pounds off the weight that they told me.
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