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Caliber .30 Match - 1957 - Frankford Arsenal

I've had this ammo can of "Caliber .30 Match" sitting around since my dad died. He was a serious competitive shooter in the '50s and '60s (I have his amazing collection of National Match tropies).

He sold off his' M1's before he died so sadly I didn't get eny of 'em (my memory is faint, but knowning my dad's passion for M1's they were off the charts top notch).

Anyay, another thread on M1 ammo, reminded me that I had this can and made me wonder if it's "special" in some way.

There are 11 boxes of 20 rounds each. They are unopened and the ammo can is marked

LOT LC 12002

However, the can has a label over the picture of a clip that reads "boxes" and the boxes contained therin do NOT contain clips and are of a different lot. And as you can see from the picture the lot # has been scratched off (all the boxes).

If this stuff is super valuable to someone I'd consider a sell/trade (ooh, for an M1!!! <g>). If not I'll probably just keep it until I get that M1 (not on my short list right now) and shoot it.

Thoughts? Comments?
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