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1911 value info

I love my 1911's but I am no where near being an except on the antiques. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I picked this beauty up at a gun show on trade this weekend.

Slide: Colt Pony with all the Patent marks

Frame: I believe it to be an Ithaca by the serial which is 21070XX. On the right side markings over trigger are "United States Property", "No 21070XX', "RIA", right of trigger guard "M1911 A1 US ARMY". On the trigger guard "3". There is a proof mark on the right side by the grips that is hard to make out, might be the ordnance bomb, might not.
Left side below the slide release "FA" and under the mag release "P". Trigger guard has a marking that looks king of like a goblet.

Thank you for the help.
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