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Originally Posted by SavageSniper
i remember a little buck killed at the bottom of a canyon that went well over 300 by the time we got him to the rim.
Reminds me of a 800 pound blacktail I shot in Washington state years ago.
I got a kick out of this. You've gotta pick your shots carefully around here. I remember two years ago I got a call from my buddy just as I was getting off of a long day at work, and he's all excited about this big buck that he'd just got (an honest 150#s before being dressed, which is pretty damn decent for a blacktail around here).

Well anyway, he asks if I'd wanna come help him pack it out, and being the good friend I am say "Sure man. I'd love to." So I head back and find him out in the hills and he points down into this ravine about half a mile away and says "there it is." The little bugger yoinked his shot and blew out the poor critters legs and let it run for half a mile before bleeding out. :barf:

By the time we climbed back up to the top of that hill, which is as big as most anything you'll find in the Harz Mountains in Germany, I swear to you that the darn deer gained another 200#s after we gutted it out from pure malevolence.

So I would contest that the shrinkage principal doesn't always come into effect when there are witnesses. I was a witness to my friends hunting adventure and I went right along with him when he said his deer was 275#s and I made up for it by then telling everybody about his atrocity of a shot and the 38 others he took to kill the deer.
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