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It's a hunting problem.... I've never talked to a hunter that hasn't killed 200+ pound bucks, 150-200 pound does, 25 pound turkeys.... fisherman with 10+ pound Bass, 5 foot Pike.... you name it....
The biggest deer I've ever shot, a buck, was probably 125ish based on comparison with the actual weight of my buddy's deer that was an honest 150. Deer are small where I live and it's rare anyone gets one much larger than 150lbs (does tend to run in the 80-120lb range). I shot that one at 20yds though (how many people brag about how close they were...).

Biggest fish of any species I've caught was right around 5lbs.

I don't care about size, I'm happy enough just to get time to hunt and fish and have a place to do either.

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